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June 28, 2007



Maybe Blair took the Quartet job to give him some protection from being charged with war crimes by a country with a conscience - if there is such an entity - while on his travels around the world.


1. The terrorists attacks of June 2005 were not a result of Blair's foreign policy...Hizb ut-Tahrir and other such organisations have been encouraging violence long before TB came to power. Blaming TB for the attacks is an outrage and is another example of trying to remove responsiblity and blame from the twisted people who commit such barbarous acts. By making the bombers secondary you belittle them and their misguided beliefs.

2. "Palestinians get no attention or sympathy" - The Palestinians gets an incredible amount of aid from around the world. Indeed the US has just pledged to provide another $80m for state apparatus. And contrary to what many believe, the restriction of tax revenues after Hamas came to power, did not lead to a reduction in the amount of aid the Palestinians received.

3. Apartheid? Actually learn about the situation in South Africa before making such ridiculous comments. One example: the slogan was "One man, One vote." The Palestinians living inside Israel have the vote.
Another example: there are Palestinians in the Israeli Parliament (knesset) and a Palestinian High Court Judge.
Yes, the Palestinian towns get less govt funding, and this is wrong and needs to be changed.However, i doubt you can tell me of a country where there is not at least one minority that is underfunded by their govt.

4. WB and Gaza - "giant concentration camps". I think you have given your game away with that comment. Using vocabularly and imagery that is particularly raw with the Jewish People, and then using it to attack the Jewish State is an ill-disguised form of anti-Semitism. I do not believe that disagreeing with the policies of Israel is anti-Semitism, but using such sensitive language is completely inappropriate.

5. In any case the comparison is ridiculous. In concentration camps, prisoners were forced to work, often to their death. Anyone who claims this is going on in Gaza or the WB is ignorant beyound belief.

6. Why be so negative? There is a lot of high profile diplomacy occuring at the moment, and I look forward to the day (hopefully soon) where an independant Palestine and a secure Israel live side-by-side in peace. (the sentiments expressed in this article and elsewhere only exacerbates Israeli security concerns, leading them to believe that much of the world is unjustly against them, and thus encouraging them to retreat into a shell)

Good Luck Mr Blair...dont listen to those who say you wont succeed.

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